Sandor Gavin's involvement in music began in the late 1990's as the lead singer/keyboardist in a moody, New Wave band entitled "The Syntax Of Devotion".  The band recorded two full length LP's (including their more notable songs; Love always Dies, Lust and Despair, and Don't look Back) before the departure of the project in 2002.  'The Syntax of Devotion's recordings were re-mastered and released in 2010.

Afterwards in early 2003, Gavin fronted the Detroit-based SynthPoP/Industrial band "Electrophile".  The band's first ep "Digital Emotion" immediately received club play for it's track "Heart of Stone".  Electrophile played strong through a two year run with a multitude of members.  The band saw success in live performance, club play, and CD sales (of their debut LP "Fluid") in and out of the U.S. Electrophile eventually decided to call it quits in the summer of 2005 due to musical differences.

Gavin, teamed with Brandon Codeine (former drummer for Electrophile), Steve Longworth and Patrick Elmore, started up another project shortly thereafter; "Fascination Incorporated".  The band distanced themselves from the Industrial sound of Electrophile, and went back to a more organic element.  A number of songs were written, including "Deja Vous" which appeared on Sandor Gavin's first solo CD release "Partial to Blue".  Other songs such as "Lucid Dream", "Less is More" and Two past Heaven" now appear on the 2017 Sandor Gavin release "Fascination Inc".  This album pays tribute to the former band while incorporating some early Syntax songs and a new track "Missing You".

Sandor's  release, "Partial to Blue" (2010) was the first time the artist ventured solo.  Since then, his sound has continued to evolve over the course of 5 albums.  While always keeping one foot (or sometimes more) in the 80's, every album is unique.  From the synthesis based dance sounds to the organic new wave sound of Fascination Inc.




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