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Antisocial Behavior [Lyrics]

I'm not sure that I ever want to go back

It defies logic but I never seem to find any cracks

Tonight, there’s nothing better than doing nothing with you

We could be antisocial it's true, but that’s the reason I love you.

Over stimulation, coming right at you in stereo.

Because imagination is better than reality

Deactivation, locked the doors now

Antisocial behavior lets watch it all burn down.

I just hate the bustle of everyday life

Let’s just stay locked stay locked away...

Don't think about the world outside

Cuz’ nothing matters right now except you and I

Just facing facts isolation at last

I'm here with you and I ‘aint mad about that

Don't pick up the phone no matter who else calls

Whatever they say won't matter at all

Cuz the world outside looks dead to me

And I'm fine right here with my rocket, you, and me.

Abdication coming directly to video

because interaction is better on a TV screen

Sensory deprivation let's turn the lights down

Antisocial behavior, even better when your around.


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