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Faster Than Light Review [Planet Singer] 9/18/20

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

SANDOR GAVIN - "Faster Than Light" Exclusive Review! (

Exciting, energetic, and fascinating are just a few of the words you can use to describe Sandor Gavin and his music. In the frenetic and overcrowded nowadays music scene, it is rare to find artists that don’t follow the mainstream rules and keep their focus on what is truly important: the music. Especially in genres like electronic music, synth-wave, and electropop, it is common to see artists photocopying the same song repeatedly. Conversely, Sandor Gavin’s music keeps a personal and unique sound that makes his music stand out! Today, at Planet Singer, we have the great pleasure of listening to his latest single “Faster Than Light,” an exciting track that anticipates Gavin’s upcoming “Definitive Motion,” scheduled for release on November 6th!

Based in New York City, Sandor Gavin is a talented retro-wave and synth-wave artist and songwriter who shapes his sound incorporating the best sonorities of the 1980s and mixing them with his unique style. This parallelism between the 80s and the modern vibes and arrangements makes Sandor’s music incredibly fluid, powerful, and exciting!

“Faster Than Light” is a great track. The catchy electric guitar’s riffs and the vibrant synth introduce us to Gavin’s musical world. Fantastic beat and a modern arrangement frame Gavin’s outstanding performance on a track that would have been a hit in the 1980s, and it certainly is now in 2020. The incredible guitar solo and the fantastic female vocals add that extra drive to a song already perfect!

“Faster Than Light” is available with different arrangements and remixes, proof of Gavin’s music’s incredible versatility. The excellent blend of sonorities makes Sandor’s music timeless, and we can’t wait for “Definitive Motion'”s release!

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