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Sandor Gavin Let The Radio Play Is An 80'S Synth Dream Single

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Sandor Gavin Let the Radio Play is an 80's Synth Dream Single — AVA LIVE RADIO

Artist: Sandor Gavin

New Release: Let the Radio Play

Genre: New Wave, Synthpop, Synthwave, Indie Pop

Located in: New York, New York

Let the Radio Play is a song about long lost love, written in an 80's New Wave style reminiscent of a time gone by. The song is a gentle mix of synthesizers and dreamy guitar with a sound influenced by artists such as The Cure or New Order.

The music...

Everything I write draws inspiration from the music of the 1980s. Growing up as a wide-eyed child of this time, the music had an important impact on me stylistically. While my songs range from heavily synthesized to more organic sounds, Let the Radio Play is a song that truly balances these elements and pays homage to my musical roots.

Right now...

Currently, I am excited to be working on a few new releases! I am releasing an upbeat dance single "Faster Than Light" in July which will include a club mix to go along with the main track. Additionally, my next album, "Definitive Motion" which has a more retro, synth-wave sound, is scheduled for release in the fall.

About the Artist...

Being an extreme introvert, music was always a way for me to express my emotions and connect with people. Songwriting has always been something I just did, even as a child. It's a way to release thoughts and process feelings. It can be extremely personal and there is a sort of personal risk by putting it out there for others to listen to. However, when I discover that someone else connects with my music it makes it all worthwhile.

I think it is my introverted nature that also leads me to the synthesizer. Writing in bands was always difficult for me. There is a lot of social energy that goes with it and I have experienced plenty of turbulent times in the bands I used to write and perform with. The synthesizer allows me to transpose my thoughts directly into a composition which allows me to tap into more free-flowing creativity. I will always write songs on a synthesizer first, even when I am eventually going to include live instrumentation.

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